Cash for Loans

Getting a loan from Mr Money is simple, no-stress process. To begin with, you can call us to schedule a time-slot that works best for you. Upon arriving, a helpful staff member will meet with you to discuss how much your loan amount will be – this will depend on how much your collateral is worth and how much you need.

“I just love this place. You are all so friendly. The process was fast and easy.”
– John Howard (mr money top 10 customer with over 200+ loans)

The next step is the appraisal. Your jewellery, collectibles, art and antique’s will be asessed for value. We then come to an agreement on how much the loan amount will be, based on the appraisal of your valuables. Mr Money offers loans of nearly any amount, in particular large loan amounts are offered if there is enough collateral in your valuables.

The final stage involves our staff giving you some time to consider your loan agreement, most of the wording is based oround the NZLTA guidelines, so it’s fairly simple and straight forward.Once you have authorised the loan agreement, we will write you a cheque for the agreed amount, or if you prefer we can give you cash. Fortunately, there are no up-front fees that need to come out of your pocket so you go home with the full loan amount!

In case you’re wondering what happens to your valuables while their in our hands, there’s no need to worry. We will them in the safekeeping of a vault of a nearby bank. That way, when you would like to have your items back, all you need to do is give us a call and let us know. Once the loan has been repaid, your valuables will be returned to you. Alternatively, if you are happy for us to continue looking after your valuables then you can pay the interest and your loan and it will renewed for a further 3 months.